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Grayson County, Texas Republican Party

 Thank you for voting in such large numbers.

We will have to do more in 2020. Be ready to start now. 2019 is a legislative year for Texas so keep a close eye on what the state is doing with laws.

We have moved out of the headquarters and will not be established in another one until November 2019.


Special note: Is anyone missing a brown North Face XL brown jacket that was left our booth at the Peanut Festival in Whitesboro? Just send this site an email and phone number and we will get it to you.

Republicans believe that Texans do best when empowered to make decisions for themselves, and that businesses most need a fair, free and predictable regulatory framework in order to prosper and create jobs.

The Republican philosophy is a true reflection of traditional conservative Texas values. It is these values – core Republican principles – that will sustain Texas into the future and continue to make our State strong, prosperous, and proud. You'll find updates and information about the Republican party here on this page.




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